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Indexer Post Processors for VCarve Pro & Aspire

Indexer Post Processors for VCarve and (updated March 2016)

Export rotary toolpaths in VCarve and Aspire to use with ShopBot Rotary Indexer. To install, open VCarve or Aspire, go to Help > Open Application Data Folder. You will see a folder labeled “PostP”. Unzip and copy the files into this folder.

Cut3D and Partworks 3D

Cut3D Post (updated March 2016)

Create toolpaths with Cut3D software. Includes measurements in inches and millimeters, as well as a post processor that allows you to swap X and Y axes for using an indexer that is mounted parallel to the Y axis.

PartWorks3D Installation: unzip and copy files into C:\Program Files (x86)\ShopBot\PartWorks3D\PostP

Cut3D Installation: unzip and copy files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Cut3D\PostP

USB Drivers for bet188官方网址

USB Drivers for current PRS ShopBots, PRTalpha, and Version 4G control boards are included in the current Control System Software Installation.

For older (not alpha) PRT ShopBots: IO-Gear USB-to-serial Drivers only - requires manual installation - 430KB [Download]

For older (not alpha) PRT ShopBots: IO-Gear USB-to-serial CD that came with your ShopBot - 12MB [Download]

For older (not alpha) PRT ShopBots: IO-Gear USB-to-serial Drivers for 64-Bit PCs [Download]


Deskproto Post Processors and Machine (updated March 2016)

These post processors and corresponding machine definitions allow you to use Deskproto with a ShopBot, including machining with a rotary indexer. To install, copy the files into the folder C:\ProgramData\DeskProto 6.1\Drivers


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